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The Brand


The Euro Buffalo Group encompasses a conglomerate of unique business interests merged into one brand – The Euro Buffalo Brand.

Founder Hannes Bohinc’s unparalleled zest for the extraordinary has always been fueled by an unbridled passion for life, remarkable visionary thinking and just good old common sense. Against all odds, he rose above challenges and realized so many of his dreams, all the while taunting the impossible in the process.

Hannes Bohinc – Powerboat World Champion – caters to the elite of motorsport aficionados. P1 class powerboat racing is one of the most challenging motorsport disciplines in the world. Unlike Formula 1 racing, powerboat championships are about man and machine against the harshest environments the open sea has to offer. Follow this extraordinary sport, right from the cockpit of the World Champion himself – Hannes Bohinc.
Euro Buffalo – Genuine American Bison – takes you on a journey that began thousands of years ago. Learn about the history of this magnificent species or become involved in the animal’s repopulation throughout Central and Eastern Europe. Find out why the future once again belongs to the Buffalo – Euro Buffalo.
Buffalo Wash – Automotive Care – centers on the passion of true automotive enthusiasts and connoisseurs. Buffalo Wash services the needs of those desiring a higher level of care and know-how. Whether you seek professional protection for your investment or best-of-breed automotive care, Buffalo Wash offers top service from top professionals.

Euro Buffalo Gaming & Betting – true to the founder’s visionary leadership, gaming is still part of the game. Select locations offer the adept gamer access to a multitude of gaming and betting choices.